Hochstrasser Architects


We live in a world with infinite possibilities and finite resources. Hochstrasser Architects (H|A) values the natural environment as it does the built environment. H|A utilizes both standardized LEED Principles as well as time honored practices such as daylighting or natural ventilation. Utilizing truly sustainable practices, H|A creates buildings which not only provide comfort and protection for its occupants but does not compromise the natural environment in which it resides.

Sustainability has become a "buzz" word in the construction industry referring to items that economically use resources which do not contain harmful substances. Many people will simply adhere to a basic checklist of "green practices" but H|A looks beyond this unassumingly low benchmark to view projects at their highest, environmentally, promoting level. By viewing a building as not only a composite of independent systems, but a living machine integrated into its site and surroundings, H|A provides truly lasting, sustainable design.

H|A has been involved in various levels of sustainable design from energy generation and green roof technologies to wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Please contact Hochstrasser Architects (H|A) for all your sustainable design and high performance building needs.


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